HI!!!!!! (if you can't tell by all of those exclamations, I'm excited that you're reading this)

My name is Harrison, I'm 17 years old, and I just launched ElevatorUp. I love and always have loved card games, from playing GoFish with my sister to, now, acting like a big shot playing poker with my friends. So it's no surprise that I've invented my own card game:

ElevatorUp! Based on the Ups, Downs, and even getting Stuck moments of riding in an elevator, ElevatorUp is a fun for all ages (7+), easy to learn (but not too easy), engaging, and brand NEW card game! 

When you buy ElevatorUp, you don't support a huge corporate with executives who fill their bath tubs with your hard earned dollar bills. You support a teenager pursuing his dream.

Happy playing!

CEO (Chief Elevator Officer)

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