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The card game that keeps the whole family smiling through
ups, downs, and getting stuck!

The first elevator themed card game that we've all been waiting for??
That's also tons of fun??? 

ElevatorUp™ is easy to learn, moves at a fast pace, and never gets old.


The goal of this game is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Higher Floor Cards can be played on top of lower floors. As the elevator rises to the Penthouse, special cards can make players Stuck, send you back Down to the Lobby, have the Doors Closed on you, or even start a brand New Building! This 50 card deck of 36 Floor Cards and 14 Special Cards, comes with guaranteed lasting memories and ear-to-ear smiles! Buy ElevatorUp today! Recommended for 2-5 players, ages 7+.

UPC: 682863732412

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Learn how to play in just 5 minutes

Everyone loves ElevatorUp™, but don't just take my word for it


Meet our Chief Elevator Officer

HI!!!!!! (if you can't tell by all of those exclamation points, I'm excited that you're reading this)

My name is Harrison, and I'm the 20 year old creator of ElevatorUp™. From playing GoFish with my sister to, now, acting like a big shot playing poker with my friends, I love, and have always loved, card games. So it's no surprise that I've invented my own game when I was 17: ElevatorUp! Based on the Ups, Downs, and even getting Stuck moments of riding in an elevator, ElevatorUp™ is a fun for all ages (7+), easy to learn (but not too easy), and engaging card game! 

Currently, I'm a Junior at Northwestern University, studying Manufacturing & Design Engineering and Entrepreneurship, and I'm not done creating games. Be sure to follow @PlayElevatorUp for the latest updates!

Happy playing and Going Up!

CEO (Chief Elevator Officer)


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